District 24 State Representative
Honesty, Integrity, Decency
Terry Mills Democratic Candidate for State Representative
A conservative and independent voice in Frankfort
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Terry Mills

Candidate for Kentucky State Representative for the 24th District

I am seeking this office because I have a strong desire to serve my community. I have been active in church and community service for many years. I believe I can do this well and will always remember that I am working for you, the people of this district, and no one else.

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Why Terry Mills?

Terry has over 40 years experience dealing with members of the public from all walks of life. His career working with the Social Security Administration gave him tremendous insight into how to cope with bureaucrats in Government.

He is a conservative family man and has been married 48 years with three children and 7 grandchildren.

Terry will work hard for ALL Kentuckians, especially working people and those who need help due to poverty or sickness.


Our current leaders are implementing policies that hurt regular working people, our poor and sick citizens, and our public education community. Terry will support policies that are positive for EVERYONE, not just the wealthy and big corporations. His goal is to bring fairness for all to our Kentucky policies

Past Achievements

Terry previously served almost 7 years in the General Assembly. He consistently voted for policies to support working people and small businesses. He supported agricultural policies, pro-life issues, and policies that strengthened our system of public education. He was very responsive to constituents who called, emailed, texted, or visited him in his Frankfort office or at his home in Marion County. He appeared at public events often and made himself available to all members of the public.

Vote for Terry

Your current Representative, Brandon Reed, promised you positive change when he was elected in 2016. Since then, he has voted to RAISE taxes on middle and lower income individuals while LOWERING taxes for wealthy individuals and big corporations.

He has voted to approve Charter Schools, which take funding away from local public schools. He has voted to cut pension benefits of current and future teachers and other public servants.

He has voted to LOWER wages and benefits of working Kentuckians, even though wages for working folks have been stagnant for many years.

These votes are hurting many Kentuckians and DO NOT represent positive change!

Please vote for TERRY MILLS on November 6. Let’s make Kentucky a great place to live for all, not just a privileged few!!

Contact Me

As your Representative, I bring an objective, independent look to all issues. I really believe the fact that I am not a career politician will be an advantage for the people of this district. I will not be bound by any past associations with lobbyists or other legislators. The only commitment I will have when studying, proposing, introducing, and voting on legislation is to serve the people of the 24th District. I am working only for you.

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