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Brandon Reed – Broken Promises

October 29, 2018

When Brandon Reed was elected as your state representative in 2016 he promised you positive change. Since then he’s voted to cut teacher and public employee pensions and benefits. He voted for charter schools which take money away from your local public schools. He voted for tax increases on working families, veterans, farmers and seniors while cutting the taxes of wealthy individuals and big corporations.

You now pay taxes on auto-repair, landscaping and over 35 other purchases which you didn’t have to pay when I was your representative and he voted to cut wages and benefits of hard working Kentuckians.

These are not positive changes for most of you. I will support teachers, public education, fair taxes and better wages for working people.

Vote for me, Terry Mills, on November 6th

October 25, 2018

Hi I’m Terry Mills, I’m running for State Representative because I want to stand up for those Kentuckians who’ve been harmed by changes in the law here in the last two years. Your current representative, Brandon Reed voted to cut the pensions of teachers and public employees. He voted to raise taxes on lower and middle income earners and to lower taxes on wealthy individuals and big corporations and he even voted to cut the wages of some working Kentuckians. We can do better.

I will support public education, fair taxes and working people. I respectfully ask for your vote on November 6th. Thank you.

Retired Teachers Fundraiser

October 10, 2018

Educating our Children is Critical

October 10, 2018

Educating our children is critical to the success of our people. We need to give our children every opportunity to have a successful life and to reach all of their goals. I strongly believe public education is the best way to do this. We need to support our schools, and the teachers, administrators and employees who play a role in educating our children.

I believe we should adequately fund our public schools. We should hold our teachers, administrators and all employees accountable. By doing this we can make our system the best it can be. Instead of taking funds from public school and giving them to charter schools we need to be sure that our public schools provide for all of the needs of our children regardless of where they’re from and who they are. I hope you will join me to support public education in Kentucky.

Our Public Pensions Need Fixing.

October 9, 2018

There’s no doubt that our public pensions need fixing. Failures by previous administrations, general assemblies, increased retirement of baby boomers and the great recession of 2008 all contributed to the problem. We can talk about the problem over and over but that doesn’t solve it. I believe that our teachers and public employees all work hard and they’ve made many sacrifices during the last 10 years. The teachers I know give much more than they receive. They all deserve a dignified retirement.

I believe there are three things we can do to generate additional revenue without raising taxes.

(1) Examine Corporate Tax Giveaways – If they’re out of date or unnecessary they need to be eliminated.

(2) Expanded Gaming – We currently give hundreds of millions of dollars from Kentucky residents to surrounding states through expanded gaming. We need to expand gaming and keep those dollars here to use for our pension problem and other issues.

(3) Legalize Medical Marijuana – There is strong and growing evidence that medical marijuana helps sick people. We need to allow it and accept the revenue that it generates to apply to our budget.

By working together we can solve the pension crisis to guarantee a dignified pension for our hard working teachers and state employees and at the same time protect the financial integrity of the state. Please join me to help fix this problem. My name is Terry Mills and I respectfully as for your support and for your vote on November 6th.

I Support Small Business and Working Kentuckians

September 27, 2018

I believe in a fair days work for a fair days pay. Those of you in Green, Marion and LaRue counties who go to work everyday in factories, offices, small businesses and government institutions are very important to our economy. You all deserve a fair wage.
For many years now real wages haven’t grow as much as the cost of living. I often hear people say “everything goes up but my wages” and yes there is some truth to that. I believe better wages allow middle class families to spend more money on goods and services that businesses provide which helps businesses and it helps our economy.
I support small businesses. Our local entrepreneurs are just as critical to our economy. Business owners work long hours and care about their friends and neighbors. They employ local people who spend their money locally where they earn it.
I support small businesses and I support working Kentuckians. I respectfully ask for your vote for State Representative on November 6th.

The Truth about Negative Ads

September 12, 2018

Negative ads being run by out of state wealthy Political Action Committees (PACs) are telling the public about votes I took while in the General Assembly and referring to me as a career/professional politician. These big-money groups have a national agenda that does not help Kentucky. They promote an agenda that includes keeping wages low, transferring public dollars to the private sector, and cutting taxes mostly for the wealthy. This is not good for regular Kentuckians. They support my opponent because he supports their agenda.

Of the thousands of bills I considered and studied and voted on during my service, there were pros and cons related to every issue. I can only say that the votes I took were taken after studying all sides and voting in the manner that I believed served my constituents best. I am happy to discuss particular issues and the votes I took.
They are also calling me a career/professional politician.
Here are the facts:
• I had a career for 35 years with the Social Security Administration. That was my career and profession. I raised my family during this time and was never involved in politics.
• I decided in late 2009 to give back to my community by trying to become a representative for the people of this community. I ran for and was elected State Representative in 2010. I subsequently was elected to three terms (6 years) and served until the end of 2016. Politics was not my career or my profession.
• Brandon Reed ran for State Representative in 2008, before I even considered running for office. He ran as a Democrat in 2008, lost in the primary, and subsequently switched parties to run again as a republican. That’s why I was alarmed when one of the ads supporting him in 2016 called him a ‘first-time candidate’. This was simply not true.

I am not a career politician and those ads are intended to mislead you. I believe Brandon Reed wants to be a career politician. I hope we can keep the campaign on high ground and tell the truth and discuss our beliefs and what we can do for Kentuckians and the people of Marion, Green, and Larue counties!

Economic Growth in Kentucky since the National Recession

September 14, 2018

I hope we can improve wages in Ky to stop this widening gap. Our hard-working people deserve better!

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I Support Agriculture

September 12, 2018

Agriculture is the heart and soul of our communities. Farm families have the values that we all should have. Faith, family, community service and taking care of each other.

During my previous time as a Kentucky State Representative I served as the vice-chairman of the Agricultural Committee, a member of the tobacco settlement agreement oversight committee and I participated in policy decisions regarding agriculture in Kentucky. I proposed in 2012 that farmers should be allowed to grow hemp in Kentucky.

During my time in the legislature I learned to appreciate the value of research. Our colleges and universities are very valuable to helping farmers learn how the best way to grow their crops, increase their efficiency, use technology and most of all, help them make a profit.

I do support agriculture and I hope you will support me, Terry Mills, on November 6th. I humbly and respectfully as for your vote.

School Funding

August 29, 2018

Lots of coverage in some local papers today about Rep. Reed’s proposal to put National Motto in schools. That is fine, but I wish he had not voted to cut current and future Teachers’ pensions, allow charter schools, cut overall funding for Kentucky Public Schools, cut the wages and benefits of working Kentuckians, and raise taxes on poor people and small businesses while lowering taxes for wealthy individuals and big corporations. Could this proposal (filed just before the November election) be for political gain?

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