The Issues

I believe I can do this well and will always remember that I am working for you, the people of this district, and no one else.

I am pro-life and anti-abortion. I voted for the only anti-abortion bill which came for a floor vote during my previous time in the legislature. Efforts to convince you otherwise are simply not true and are for political gain only.

I believe in a strong middle class. When our middle class is strong, our economy thrives. I am opposed to policies such as tax cuts for big corporations and wealthy individuals, which beat down low and middle-income workers and small businesses and transfer wealth to a few. We have seen wages stagnant for many years. we have seen big corporations drown many small businesses. Our local economies lose when we lose small community businesses. I believe in a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. Better wages give people more money to spend, which helps our economy. Better wages means we pay less in government subsidies to subsidize employees who earn low wages. And perhaps more importantly, better wages enhance the dignity of work which, improves the lives of so many of our citizens and their families.

I support the Second Amendment and have been endorsed in the past by the NRA. At the same time, I want us to continue to search for ways we can keep military style weapons out of the hands of killers.

I support education. I support public schools as the fairest way to ensure equal educational opportunities for all. I also support the right of parents to choose private schools that they are willing to support.  The attack by some legislators and our current governor on public education is unfortunate. Our public school teachers make sacrifices every day to do their very best to care for our children. We should support them rather than insult them and defund our schools. They deserve a decent retirement after a long career. We should look for additional revenue to fund our schools. I believe we could do that without raising taxes. I support consideration of expanded gaming, medicinal marijuana, and examination of corporate giveaways to generate additional revenue.

I believe health care is a right of our citizens. Governor Beshear expanded Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act to more than 400,000 Kentuckians (4,200 of those people live in Marion, Green, and Larue counties). The percentage of Kentuckians without health care coverage dropped as much or more than any state in the nation. Jobs were created with the additional service needs. The coverage of routine screenings allow us to find medical problems more quickly and fix them. The long-term health of our citizens will continue to improve as a result of this coverage. Drug treatment was enhanced with this coverage. My faith motivates me to do all i can to help those in our population that are sick, infirmed and cannot afford to pay for their own medical care.

I believe we must respect the environment and do all we can to provide a clean future for our descendants. I believe we should continue to produce coal where it is feasible, and continue provide jobs to those industry employees, especially the coal miners, as long as it is possible. I also believe we should do all we can to develop clean energy such as solar and other sources that have the potential to provide clean and low-cost energy.

I believe the tax reform made by the 2018 General Assembly was unjust.  It raised income taxes on the poor and lowered income taxes on the rich. The changes were made without debate and discussed in illegal secret meetings. This closed and secretive process is not the way government business should be done.

Lastly, I believe an essential element of a respected government is missing in Frankfort and, really, in our nation. That element is compromise. We seem to form our beliefs, then refuse to compromise. This needs to change, and I hope to help that change come about.